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Author Topic - Needing Help?
Posted By:
15th Feb 2011 3:30pm GMT

If you need help with anything on the site, please post your questions here and we'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

Posted By:
16th Feb 2011 1:46pm GMT

It would be nice if there was a list of the cemeteries that you have records for - as you did on the old site.

When are you going to be tackling some cemeteries in Wigtownshire?  Will you have a recent additions email/update to keep me coming back?

All the best with your endeavor


Posted By:
16th Feb 2011 2:03pm GMT

hi Jan

if you scroll down on the lefthand side of the front page where it gives the areas

and click on a area and it will show the cemeteries within that area that have been uploaded


Posted By:
28th Apr 2011 10:51pm GMT

Please can anyone advise me on looking for a grave? i am looking for the grave of my grandad Patrick James Boyle who died in the Gorbals of Glasgow in 1946 aged 38.I have the full address of where he died and a copy of the death cert but i just cant find a grave for him.Can anyone please advise me on where to go next and what cemeteries were being used for the Gorbals around that time,i am not from Glasgow so i am unfermilliar with the city as i live a few hunded miles away,please help me to solve this family mystery we have and finally complete the last piece of my familly jigsaw.Thanks in advance...


                                                                               Tommy Boyle

Posted By:
21st Nov 2011 5:50pm GMT


I have just found your great website and quickly signed in,I have looked at one cemetery

so far and some 'famous scots',,since I live across the pond it's hard to find places or

burial sites for my late relatives,if anyone can help I would appreciate it so very much.

Looking for Grt Granparents buried at Lambhill Cemetery as per family history,names are

"James Giffen"(D)1903;spouse "Mary" nee/"Pursell"(D)1910; also Granparents,"Archibald

Pursell Giffen"(D)1960,spouse "Christina"nee/Wallace-Laverty"(D)1962,

Grateful for any help or ideas where to look,,thanks,,,,

Kind regards;

Jane Thomson Giffen;

Posted By:
9th Oct 2014 7:48am GMT

Hi there, I'm looking for graves of ancestors living around Stirling..... it doesn't seem you have Stirling graveyards up here yet? It's the Alexander Robertson and Janet Club descendants I'm interested in.




Janet Robertson Bradbury

Posted By:
13th Aug 2015 12:12pm GMT

I am looking for the Grave of Mr Wallace Black Died 16th Mat 1972 in London but was under understanding that he was going to be Buried in Scotland but no idear were. Know one of his sons lived in Ladybank Fife.


Posted By:
16th Nov 2015 3:24pm GMT

I'm trying to view the information on a graveside.

I did the search and went to the page that says Grave Details.

This page says that for 10 credits, I can get further grave information and a map, and for 10 credits, i can download a photograph.  There is a VIEW button, but it is not "clickable" and has no line underneath of it like the BUY CREDITS button has.

I have 25 credits.  I can see them listed under my username.

What am I doing wrong?

Posted By:
1st Sep 2016 5:31am GMT

hi same as above i have bought credits went to view the information and view button is not clickable and nowhere on the site to expalin how to use



Posted By:
24th Aug 2017 3:32am GMT

Need help finding William Joseph Newton, Sr., [born 29 DEC 1679 • Scotland - 1742] and Eleanor Fields, born 1670...

Posted By:
15th Sep 2017 6:39pm GMT

Don't know what I am doing wrong, but every search I do comes up 0 results, even on ones that I found some time ago and know are i there. Leaving Canada for Scotland tomorrow and was hoping to find some info on ancestors buried around Dumbarton. Have tried the advanced search also with same results. is a privately owned website with no affiliation to any Local Councils.