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Forum - Help - Trusted Microdosing Truffles Shops Near Me

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Author Topic - Trusted Microdosing Truffles Shops Near Me
Posted By:
24th Oct 2022 12:54pm GMT

Psilocybin microdosing refers to consuming a small amount of psilocybin in order to enhance productivity, creativity, or other aspects of personal growth. Taking only a fraction of a normal dose will not cause any 'trippy' effects or hallucinations. It has been reported that individuals who have implemented microdosing into their professional routine report an overall better mood, an increase in awareness, greater levels of focus, deeper flow states, and an increase in creativity and productivity. The Microdose Bros is a place where you can purchase microdosing truffles. Our mission is to make microdosing more accessible and responsible for the startup, creative, and self-growth communities.

Posted By:
9th May 2023 4:23am GMT

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