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Forum - Help and Advice - finding out I have an aunt I never knew

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Author Topic - finding out I have an aunt I never knew
Posted By:
22nd Aug 2017 3:30pm GMT

I had an aunt with the same name as me, my father's youngest sister, born in Errol in 1925 named Sheila Dickinson, with her father's name Albert Dickinson and mother Lily Dickinson, maiden name Gilchrist.     I have tried to research when she died and the only record I can find is showing she died aged 66 in 1990 but, how on earth would I have never met her.  And, is this her?    Find a Grave in Scotland website doesn't show a grave in Scotland.for her.    If I buy a copy death certificate of Sheila Dickinson who died in 1990 will it give me all the details I need, to be sure it was my Aunt.   But, the anomaly doesn't stop there as in 2008 my own sister attended a cousin's funeral and was shocked to see my name carved in an old stone memorial headstone, but a year later went back to view the grave in Whitburn Cemetary, West Lothian, and found that the old gravestone had been replaced by a new one, showing the occupants as my uncle, his brother and of course my cousin.  No mention of Sheila Dickinson.   I can't think why I would never have met her if she lived till she was 66yrs.    Any ideas?  Elizabeth Sheila Jones, ms Dickinson     is a privately owned website with no affiliation to any Local Councils.