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Author Topic - Online Classes are Big Business
Posted By:
31st Jan 2023 2:14am GMT
A rise in online courses has led to an increase of paid services that pretend to be students and do their jobs for them.
I cheated quite a lot in high school. This is not a typo. I remember writing formulas for chemistry on small pieces of paper that I sealed to the bottoms my dress shoes with transparent tape. When I crossed both my legs, I found the information that I needed in my lap.
This was before the advent of online education. It seems that cheating has become an accepted part of the internet. Entrepreneurs and freelancers are now openly promoting services to help students cheat online educations. These digital cheaters are able to assume the identities of students and then take full online classes.
I reached out to No Need to Study to see if they could offer me an online English Literature course through Columbia University. I received an email from its customer-relations department, who said that they could help me get a ringer so I could take the online course. It could also guarantee that my grades would be at least B. The fee for such an arrangement was $1225.15.
This made it appear official by adding fifteen cents.
I asked for more information to ensure I understood the company and was given a clear reply: "We have a pool academic tutors who can take classes and do course work for our clients."
Online education is expected be a $100-billion global business. This could increase if online degrees have more influence with employers. Online education marketplaces could change higher education. If they can achieve the same status as traditional, on campus degrees, the online education market could transform higher education. That is what many online education advocates want. Kevin Carey, a well known online-education supporter wrote about the quest to establish online education credibility in March in an article in The New York Times entitled "Here’s What Will Truly Make Higher Education More Credible: Online Degrees that Are Officially Seen."
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