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Famous Scots - Miner Pit Disater

Cadder Mine Disater

Twenty two miners lost their lives in No. 15 Pit of the Carron Company's Collieries, Mavis Valley, Near Glasgow as the result of a fire that broke out on Sunday night, August 3rd. 1913.

Known locally as the Cadder Mine, belonging to the Carron Company of Falkirk, the scene of the disaster is on the north bank of the Forth and Clyde Canal, about six or seven miles from Glasgow.  Twenty-six men, finishing the "back shift" that they had started on Sunday afternoon, were in the mine at the time. Three of these men escaped by a passage to No. 17 shaft, belonging to the same company and one was found alive, after being in the burning pit for 21 hours.

The first alarm of the fire was raised by Fireman William Brown, who descended the shaft about eight o'clock in the evening to make his customary survey before the next shift began work. When he had walked a few yards along the main road he saw thick smoke and flames raging like a furnace. He at once telephoned his engineman and banksman at the pithead and these two mates immediately made contact with the men on duty at the No. 17 pit who instantly reversed the air current.

Another fireman, names Charles Riley, observed smoke and at once hurried to alert his workmates. he was fortunate to find three of them close by and he quickly explained to them the danger to them. They were Robert Daly of Lambhill, Michael Keenan of Possilpark and Felix O'Neill of Garscube Road.

These were the three who, because they had been alerted in time by Charles Riley, escaped by the communication road to No. 17 Pit. They explained later that, Fireman Riley, after warning them and setting them off on the road to safety, seized a lamp and, waving it as a warning, hurried forward through the workings to alert the other workers. He was never seen alive again and his body was in the first group found by the rescuers. He could have saved his own life but lost it by trying to help others.

The internment of the victims took place on Wednesday 6th. August, 1913.

Names of the Victims.

Charles Riley, Fireman, Lambhill.
Alexander Brown, John Brown, William Brown, brothers, Mavis Valley.
Andrew Dunbar, single, Lambhill.
John Worthington, married, Summerlea.
Charles Armstrong, single, Garscube Road.
George McMillan, married, Possilpark.
Thomas Holland, married, Possilpark.
James Flynn, married, Possilpark.
Alexander McMillan, married, Bishopbriggs.
Cuthbert Bell, single, Possilpark.
Hugh Anderson, single, Lambhill.
Owen McAloon, single, Lambhill.
Hugh McCann, married, Lambhill.
George Harvey, married, Lambhill.
Patrick Regan, married, Lambhill.
Patrick Darroch, married, Lochfaulds.
George Davidson, married, Mavis Valley.
William Ramsay, single, Mavis Valley.
Robert Ramsay, brother, married Mavis valley.
Patrick Duffin, married, Drummond Street, Lambhill.

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Further Information


Cemetery: Lambhill cemetery

  957 Balmore Road

Town: Glasgow

PostCode: G23 5LB

Region: Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Country: Scotland


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