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Famous Scots

Peter Ferguson

Peter Ferguson (1801-1885) was one of the leaders of the Temperance Movement. He was ?missionary? to the Gorbals Total Abstinence Society but is remembered mainly as the founder of the Band of Hope Union in Glasgow which was formed in November, 1870. The Band of Hope specialised in presenting the message of Temperance as emotionally as possible in the hope of swaying the young towards total abstinence. More Info

Buried at : Sothern Necropolis, Glasgow

Franciscan Benefactors

The Franciscans arrived in Glasgow in the early 14th century and built their first chapel in the George Street area of the city. A Franciscan presence remained on the High Street near the University until around 1559 when the forces of the Reformation led to their suppression. More Info

Buried at : Sothern Necropolis, Glasgow

Nathaniel Paterson

After completing his education at Balmaclellan School, Nathaniel studied divinity at Edinburgh University. On leaving university he was given license by the Presbytery of Linlithgow on 24th April 1816 and tutored at Lilburn Tower in Northumberland until he was ordained at Galashiels on 30th August 1821 where he was appointed minister against the wishes of the congregation by the local land-owners More Info

Died : 25th Apr 1871
Buried at : Sothern Necropolis, Glasgow

Gourock And Dundee Rev David Macrae

Raiser of one of those storms which from time to time so healthfully clarify the theological atmosphere of Scotland, author of many of the most popular books of Scottish life and character, and of late years champion of the neglected rights and dignities of the northern kingdom, the Rev. David Macrae was long a strenuous and notable figure in the view of the public. Descendant of successive "wild Macraes" who fought at Sheriffmuir and followed , he was born 9th August, 1837, in his father's manse of Lathone More Info

Buried at : Craigton , Glasgow

Robert Wodrow Rev

WODROW, ROBERT, the faithful and laborious author of the "History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland," was born in Glasgow, in the year 1679. He was the second son of Mr James Wodrow, professor of divinity in the college of that city, a man of singular piety and learning. His mother, Margaret Hair, was the daughter of William Hair, the proprietor of a small estate in the parish of Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire. In this parent, he was equally fortunate as in the other. To all the piety of her husband, sh More Info

Died : 31st Mar 1734
Buried at : Eastwood old, Glasgow

James Barr Rev

More Info

Died : 24th Feb 1949
Buried at : Fenwick, Fenwick

Rev. Alexander Wallace Dd

BY the death of the Rev. Dr. Wallace all those who were licensed along with him in 1845 have now entered into their rest. I have enumerated the members of this band under the title of "The Golden Fleet." Among the more prominent of the "gospel vessels" were Principal Cairns, Professor Graham, Dr. MacEwen, and Dr. W. B. Robertson, whose names are still held in high esteem in the United Presbyterian Church as well as in other denominations. It looks but a comparatively brief season since the "fleet" sailed al More Info

Buried at : Cathcart Cemetery, Cathcart

Robert Hood

Born in Newmilns, Ayrshire, in 1839, Robert Hood was of the seed of the righteous. His parents long enjoyed the ministrations of the Rev. Dr. Bruce, of the United Secession Church there. They were devotedly attached to this church, but believing that Mr. Morison, of Clerk's Lane, Kilmarnock, preached a fuller and freer gospel than did Dr. Bruce, they left it for conscience' sake, and joined Clerk's Lane congregation. For a number of years they travelled to and from Newmilns to Kilmarnock. When Mr. Hood's pa More Info

Buried at : Cathcart Cemetery, Cathcart

Robert Jamieson

Rev. Robert Jamieson, D. D., St. Paul's, Glasgow, Scotland Robert Jamieson - (1802-1880), Scottish divine. Jamieson was the son of a baker in Edinburgh, born there on Jan 3, 1802. He was educated at the high school and matriculated at Edinburgh University with the intention of of studying for the medical profession. More Info

Died : 26th Oct 1880
Buried at : Sighthill Cemetery,

John Knox

John Knox (1510 - 24 November 1572) was a Scottish clergyman and a leader of the Protestant Reformation who is considered the founder of the Presbyterian denomination in Scotland. He was believed to have been educated at the University of St Andrews and worked as a notary-priest. Influenced by early church reformers such as George Wishart, he joined the movement to reform the Scottish church. He was caught up in the ecclesiastical and political events that involved the murder of Cardinal Beaton in 1546 a More Info

Died : 24th Nov 1572
Buried at : Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow

John Dick

an eminent minister of the Secession church, the son of the Rev. Alexander Dick, minister of the Associate congregation of Seceders in Aberdeen, and a daughter of Capt. Tolmie of that city, was born there October 10, 1764. He early gave indication of superior mental endowments, and while at the grammar school of Aberdeen, he carried off from his youthful compeers several prizes. When he had completed his twelfth year he became a student in King?s College, Old Aberdeen, having been the succ More Info

Died : 25th Jan 1883
Buried at : Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow

Duncan Macfarlan

Macfarlan was born on 27 September 1771, at Drymen where his father was minister from 1743 to 1791. He studied at Glasgow College and was ordained in 1792. In 1797 he married Ann Allan, and by the time she died in 1814 they had had nine children. Macfarlan graduated in divinity at the University of Glasgow in 1806, and in 1810 was appointed Dean of Faculties. In 1815 he became one of the King's Chaplains for Scotland, and in 1819 was elected Moderator of the General Assembly. In April 1823 he became princi More Info

Died : 25th Nov 1857
Buried at : Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow is a privately owned website with no affiliation to any Local Councils.